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2RN1MD discuss topics related to health and healthcare, such as mental health, women’s health, and health equity.

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We also stir up passion, give voice to others who have been silenced, disrupt the status quo, and provide a platform for solutions and meaningful change.

Episodes are educational, inspirational, hopeful, and fun.

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LISTEN HERE as the hosts at 2RM1MD have an in-depth discussion on why Kingston has done so well during the pandemic, the importance of Doctors and Nurses working together and why everyone should have their own bumper sticker.

2RN1MD sits down with Dr. Kieran Moore

Dr. Kieran Moore is the Medical Officer of Health for the Kingston, Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Region. Praised by many for his success in controlling the spread of COVID, Dr. Moore joins 2RN1MD to share how his view of healthcare through the lens of equity, inclusion and community partnerships saved many vulnerable lives during the pandemic. 

LISTEN HERE as the iconic Erica Ehm introduces the hosts of 2RN1MD to kick off the inaugural full episode of 2RN1MD Podcast.

Erica Ehm hosts the first episode of Two Nurses and a Doc

Past, present, and future Erica Ehm always has an appreciation for what is current, relevant, and important. Bringing humanity, compassion, and understanding to complex topics might be her biggest skill but her superpower is how she finds a way to take that insight and make it entertaining. 

Episode TWO is landing shortly!

Dr. Kieran Moore joins 2RN1MD for a great conversation about Kingston, leadership, the state of the pandemic in the region, and a little good advice for everyone.... just watch the clip.


Global’s Darryn Davis has a conversation with Nurse Deb Lefebvre, Dr. Joy Hataley, and Nurse Jennifer Waite, the Hosts of the Podcast 2RN1MD. Erica Ehm introduces the trio to their audience as she joins the crew as a Special Guest Host on their inaugural edition of 2RN1MD

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