Jennifer Waite

Jenn Waite (she/her) is a mom, registered nurse, and lover of fitness and oatmeal. Jenn has always followed her heart with her first career as a figure skating teacher, to falling in love with being a mom- to discovering self-compassion practice while knee deep in trying to survive the challenges and unpredictability of a new nursing career. She now strongly believes that compassion training is the key to being a resilient nurse. Jenn’s favourite moments are morning workouts, making something out of nothing and the annual van rides to Sagamore Beach with her kids and partner Kevin, when she single handedly manages to go the wrong direction every time. 


Deb Lefebvre (she/her) is a Nurse, Mom, and Trauma-informed Mental Health Specialist, who is very passionate about many things in health. When not critically analyzing or advocating for better mental health resources, vulnerable populations and health equity within an inch of its life, Deb enjoys long walks with her dog, a good cup of coffee, and cake.